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Micellar Water Cleansing Lotion

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For refreshed, soft and perfectly cleansed skin.

Specially formulated for all skin types, Christian Breton Micellar Water has revolutionized the make-up removal ritual. Combining the appearance and fresh feel of water with the technical sophistication of an oil, this micellar water offers pure comfort for your skin. Its ease-to-use is a bonus.

Its formulation allows you to effectively remove make-up and impurities.

In a single movement, gently remove all traces of makeup and impurities for a fresh, soft and perfectly cleansing skin.

Paraben Free and No Alcohol



  •          Lipoaminoacid biovector of glycine:

One of the major constituents of dermal structural proteins. It has purifying properties, regulates sebum, restructures acidic layer from skin and protects skin from external aggressions. In oily skin, it restricts sebum production and acts against acne germens. It is a non-ionic soft tensioactive from vegetable origin that helps to remove make up and it is not needed to rinse it off.

  •          Natural moisturizing factor: It helps to restore the skin natural moisturizing factor. The NMF has a strong water retention power, so it helps to maintain epidermis hydration.

  •          Tomato organic water:

 Rich in vitamin C, antioxidant-antiaging, minerals, AHA's, helps to activate cellular renewing.

How to Use

 Apply morning and evening, smooth over face with cotton.

No need to rinse.

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