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Lip care and make-up: our advice on taking care of your lips for a beautiful smile

Lip care and make-up: our advice on taking care of your lips for a beautiful smile

How can I take care of my lips?

Although it’s often overlooked, lip care is essential. It helps to create a naturally beautiful mouth and helps make-up to last longer. Here are our beauty tips for beautiful lips!

For soft, nourished lips, apply and massage in a small amount of exfoliating scrub, once or twice a week. Then use a restorative product for intense hydration and to redefine the outline of your lips.

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Is it possible to have fuller lips naturally? The answer is yes! No need for surgery: you can have gorgeous, fuller lips with what we call “lip plumpers”. They’re everywhere right now and are used as part of a lip care routine - they tend to contain natural ingredients to avoid any risk of allergies or irritation. When used every day, they have a noticeable plumping effect. You won’t be able to resist!

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How should I apply make-up to my lips?

Applying make-up to your lips is an art. We all want to show off our smiles and our white teeth, but it’s not always easy.

Here are a few tips on how to show off your beautiful lips:

If you have thin lips, choose light shades, similar in tone to your complexion. They’ll make your lips appear fuller without emphasising your facial features. Remember to use a pencil to outline your lips for a fuller look. Our tip? Start in the middle of your lips, working outwards and opt for nude shades.

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Don’t forget to co-ordinate your lipstick with your outfit and the rest of your make-up! Don’t wear red lipstick with a pink dress and, of course, choose eyes or lips - not both.

Which shade of lipstick should I choose for whiter-looking teeth?

Avoid anything brown! Choose red, pink or other neutral colours which tend to conceal any flaws.

You no longer have any excuse not to take good care of your lips on a daily basis. Give them all the attention they deserve!

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