The Creator

The story begins in the 1960s, in France, when Christian BRETON’s mother, an eminent scientist and genetic specialist, headed an elite team of researchers. The quest: « What does genetic have to do with skin typing and consequently, how can Genetic and DNA-RNA help cure skin diseases? »

Fifteen years after the project began; Dr. BRETON and her team had found several answers.

These scientists discovered that genetics had a lot to do with skin typing. Genetic attributes, such as eye and hair color, influence greatly our skin. Another discovery was made: a stable form of DNA-RNA Complex® was extracted from the surgeon’s cell nuclei which had an incredibly powerful healing effect on human skin cells.

Extremely interested by Science and Beauty, Christian BRETON decided that Cosmetic would be his life. Taking the benefit of his mother’s research and results, Christian Breton launched his Cosmetic Company introducing the very first Problem-Solving Skin Care Range.

The success was immediate;
Made to Measure Skin Care was born !


Growth is the most natural step in life. The growth and expansion of the company has been, from the beginning, Christian BRETON’s ultimate goal. He has accomplished a great deal in this domain as the brand is already implanted in more than 50 countries worldwide. Today, the Company continues steadily with this upstream growth.

Christian BRETON strives to offer products with the highest efficacy and the best tolerance, combining knowledge and anticipation of consumer needs, creativity, perfectionism, rigor and attention to detail during the elaboration of every new product.
Christian BRETON has always insisted on its products being available from outlets that provide their clients with advice and best-of-kind service. The brand is present in the world’s finest department stores, perfumeries and beauty institutes. It maintains a strong relationship with its retailers and trains its sales staff to the highest standards in order to ensure satisfaction for the men and women who use or wish to discover the products.