Everything there is to know about sheet masks !

Everything there is to know about sheet masks !

Sheet masks are the new beauty essential that everyone’s talking about! They’re available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and scents, each with its own benefits. Bursting with active ingredients, these masks feel like a professional beauty treatment. So how can you make the best use of them?

The masks :

We don’t need to explain what a sheet mask is. They’re increasingly popular because they’re fun to use and offer a wide range of different benefits, whether you’re looking for something moisturizing, radiance boosting, firming or cleansing.

However, these face-shaped masks can’t replace daily application of creams and serums! They’re packed with active ingredients and should be used as one-off treatments to target a specific issue.

Benefits :

- More hygienic (single use)

- Portable

Ideal application time: 10 to 20 minutes

When should you use them? Once every fortnight

What is a good mask?

Your mask should contain at least 20ml of serum, the same amount as a vial of serum.

The fabric’s fibers should be thin enough to ensure that the product can easily penetrate the skin.

Perhaps the most important point is to choose a mask which suits your skin’s needs: if your skin is dry, dehydrated or tight, choose a moisturizing mask. For dull and spot-prone skin, we recommend cleansing masks for deep penetrating action which will leave you with glowing skin. If you have mature skin, you’ll want to try a firming and lifting mask.

We recommend keeping your mask in the fridge! A cold mask works better to decongest the eye area while tightening and soothing the skin (especially in summer).

Applying the mask:

After removing your make-up, clean and exfoliate your skin before use for optimal results. This will make it easier for the product (including its active ingredients) to penetrate your skin.

If your skin is dehydrated, apply a serum, massaging it into your face to create some warmth before applying the mask to your skin.

If there is any gel or cream left in the packaging, put it on the sheet mask to cover it with a generous layer of product; massage any additional product into your neck, your hands, your décolleté and the rest of your body.

After removing the mask, massage your face to rub in the excess product.

You’re now a sheet mask expert!

We’ve chosen our favorite masks, each of which has its own benefits; let us know what you think.

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