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Our tips for perfect make-up and flawless skin

Our tips for perfect make-up and flawless skin

Always remove your make-up. Your skin will thank you for it. Skipping this step stops your skin breathing and clogs pores. This can lead to blemishes, the appearance of blackheads, and duller looking skin.

Our 3 steps for a perfect cleanse and flawless skin:

  • BE GENTLE: key advice for removing eye make-up. With the skin around the eye contour being 10 times thinner than the rest of the face, and the lashes super sensitive, it’s essential to adopt the right technique. Using a specially adapted eye make-up remover is so important. Opt for a gentle, non-greasy formula with cornflower extracts that will gently but thoroughly remove makeup, even the most stubborn kinds. The soothing virtues of the cornflower are suitable for the most sensitive and delicate skins.

  • RESPECT YOUR SKIN: using a cleansing milk will guarantee a perfect cleanse whilst respecting your skin’s natural balance. The creamy formula is suitable for all skin types and leaves a velvety finish for maximum comfort.

  • TONE: lastly, choose a toner adapted to your skin’s needs (hydation, anti-ageing, more radiance) and we’re all done!

The skin regenerates itself at night and impurities make their way to the skin’s surface. So it’s also just as important to cleanse in the morning to achieve flawless skin.

démaquillant yeux

Gentle Eye make up Remover with Cornflower Extracts

lait démaquillant visage

Quick Action Cleansing Milk - All skin types

lotion exfoliante

Dry Skin

Lotion Exfoliante sans alcool riche en Agrumes et en AHA.

Exfoliating Lotion - no alcohol

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