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Everything you need to know to get even lashes

Everything you need to know to get even lashes

Let’s be honest, we all want to get in on the secret of evenly spread, beautiful lashes. Who doesn’t want thickness, volume, and length? The art of seduction starts with the eyes, and how better to achieve this than with evenly spread lashes that intensify your look.

Like our hair, eyelashes go through cycles: take root, grow, fall out, repeat. Each lash follows its own different rhythm.

The lash lifecycle is different depending on the person, which explains why we are not all born equal when it comes to the length and thickness of our lashes.

Here are a few tips to get even, longer lashes:

  • Products and treatments to get longer lashes are now readily available, such as serums that can be applied to the root and help to stimulate growth and delay fallout. Lifecycles are extended giving maximum lash impact!

  • Make-up is, of course, a crucial part of obtaining even, perfect lashes and is often forgotten. Mascara is the key to longer lashes and essential for getting incomparable volume.

  • Your choice of mascara is just as important for getting even lashes. Look for a volume effect mascara.

cils longs sérum

Enhancer Serum-Strenght and Vitality for maximum lashes

cils longs base mascara

Longer and Stronger Looking Lashes 

mascara volume cils longs

Mascara Volume

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