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Our guide to getting through winter

Our guide to getting through winter

The skin is a true protective barrier against environmental agressors. The cold causes a decrease in the activity of certain cells that play a key role in the skin’s renewal. As winter sets in, it’s better to prevent skin problems by adding a few things to your skincare routine.

How can I look after my face?

The cold irritates the skin: it dries it out, causes it to tighten, and can make it prone to redness. Apply a rich, nourishing cream every morning. If you have sensitive skin or are menopausal, then this is especially for you.

Don’t forget to exfoliate once or twice a week to boost the skin’s renewal and remove dead cells. After exfoliation, apply a hydrating face mask for even better results.

What about my lips?

Keep a lipbalm with you all day and apply regularly. In the evening, use a fine grain lip exfoliator – take care so as not to dry out or damage the sensitive skin. Next, apply a repairing lipbalm to hydrate around the lips and in the corners.

And my eyes?

The cold tends to bring out the blueness in our dark circles. So now’s the time to use an anti dark circle treatment and corrector.

Winter beauty treatment

crème hydratante intense nourrissante

Rich Cream Super Hydrating

masque hydratant visage

Facial Mask | Hyper Moisturizing

exfoliant lèvres douces hydratées

Gentle Exfoliating Lipline Eraser – Swiss Formula

baume à lèvres

Sweet Delicious Lip Balm

baume hydratant

Serious Lip Repair

correcteur anti imperfections


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