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International Day of the African Woman. Black beauty: how to make sure your skin looks beautiful

International Day of the African Woman. Black beauty: how to make sure your skin looks beautiful

Despite a thick epidermal layer and high levels of melanin, black and brown skins are extremely sensitive to environmental aggressors (pollution, the sun’s rays, a lack of sunlight, etc.) and can develop pigmentation marks, including darker spots appearing on the skin, which makes it more difficult to achieve a radiant, even complexion.

Christian Breton has a few tips on how to take care of your skin on a daily basis to avoid pigmentation spots.


There are three basics to start with: a good make-up remover to let the skin breathe, a gentle exfoliator to refine your skin’s texture and a good moisturizer, consisting of a non-greasy day cream for everyday use and moisturizing masks for a comprehensive beauty regime (see Christian Breton’s range of masks by clicking here).

For perfect skin, use a mattifying product if you have skin which tends to shine.


One of the best things you can do for healthy skin is to leave any spots or bites alone: fiddling with them and scratching them could lead to irreversible marks and scars.

Use an alcohol-free lotion, particularly if you’re spending time in the sun. Although darker skins are less likely to burn than lighter skins, you must remember to protect your skin from the sun: your skin is still very sensitive and UV rays also speed up the skin’s aging process.

So be aware and avoid wearing perfume when spending time in the sun too.


Read our advice on UV protection with articles here on protecting the eye area and here on avoiding brown spots (lightening products only recommended for an even complexion and to prevent and tackle marks and pigmentation).


In conclusion: love the skin you’re in and let its dazzling color shine! 

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