Make-up: why is it so important to remove make-up?

Make-up: why is it so important to remove make-up?

The first step is choosing the most appropriate make-up remover: a lotion? A cream? Or even a rotating cleansing brush? Which of these solutions will best suit you?

Whatever you choose, Christian Breton has a range of products for all skin types.


Eye make-up remover: removing mascara and eye make-up can be a real ordeal for our eyelids and eyelashes, so it’s important to choose a make-up remover which will gently remove even the most long-lasting make-up. Choose Clear Eyes with cornflower extract: it’s a soothing cleanser which is gentle on your skin and can even be used to remove eye make-up.


Micellar water: this clear, cooling water is incredibly effective when it comes to daily cleansing. With all the benefits of water and oil, micellar water makes it easy to remove make-up, sweat, sebum and traces of pollution. There’s no need to rinse: it leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh.

Christian Breton recommends its micellar water and floral lotion (created especially for dry and sensitive skin) for perfectly hydrated skin which feels incredibly soft and looks radiant.


Combined make-up removal and exfoliation: Christian Breton’s Eclat Jeunesse exfoliating lotion is perfect for everyday make-up removal: it hydrates the skin deeply while exfoliating to remove dead skin cells for a truly radiant complexion. Even better, it works to get rid of fine lines caused by dehydrated skin.


The rotating cleansing brush: the ideal choice for anyone who wants to remove their make-up quickly and efficiently. Christian Breton has created a set which includes a cleansing cream and a brush with 2 brush heads (one for daily cleansing and one for deeper exfoliation).


And there you have it: that’s our advice on how to stay cool and calm, whatever your skin type!

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