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Cryotherapy and the benefits of cold

Cryotherapy and the benefits of cold

The revolutionary technique of Cryotherapy

and the benefits of cold.

Cryotherapy is a fantastic response to cure inflammation, erythema and edema. This is why Christian Breton Laboratories have decided to use it in their Eye Priority Range.

Five times more sensitive than the rest of the face, the area around the eye is always the first to show tiredness, lack of sleep and wrinkles. It is considered the most delicate part of the face and it is here that the first signs of ageing appear, with the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.
Christian BRETON is launching Eye Priority, a new range of eye products designed to preserve youthful looks for as long and as effectively as possible. By combining specific active ingredients with the benefits of cold to treat swellings and dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles, Christian BRETON is a world ground-breaker with this treatment based on cold.

In fact, mankind has long made use of cold in the treatment of certain ills. Hippocrates (460 – 377 BC) had already indicated the use of ice and snow as a therapeutic measure.

In addition to the natural coolness provided by the ingredients in the various formulae, keeping all the products in the Eye Priority range in the fridge, as advised, brings additional benefits in the treatment of the area around the eye. Cold is transferred to the areas in contact with the product by means of a phenomenon called “conduction”. Eye Priority products have a cooling effect on the area around the eye and give a pleasant toning sensation.
The area around the eye betrays the first signs of skin ageing because, in particular, it is exposed to harmful external effects and it is also rather overworked by the movements made by our various facial expressions.

Three problems may occur and their effects may be cumulative:

  • Dark circles under the eyes, caused by the distortion of the microscopic vessels in skin tissue,
  • Eye Puffiness due to lack of sleep, irritation or an excess of oil on the lower lid, which is released as time goes by [this is often a hereditary condition and may be difficult to treat],
  • Wrinkles and fine lines, a function of age, but also due to a great deal of eye activity and the extreme sensitivity of the eyes to some external elements, such as sun and pollution.

Other factors can sometimes accelerate the process, such as smoking or intensive periods of work at a computer screen.

Dark circles under the eyes

The Christian BRETON laboratories also highlighted the fact that tissue cooling initially causes rapid arteriolar and capillary vasoconstriction due to the phenomenon of thermoregulation. This vasoconstriction is responsible for a reduction in blood flow which in turn reduces the size of swellings under the eyes.

The Christian BRETON scientific teams have also demonstrated that cold alone can have a reducing effect on swellings and dark circles under the eyes. For a multiple beneficial effect, the cold treatment should be administered using gentle pressure and light tapping movements. The two combined result in a more rapid reduction in puffiness or dark circles.

Eye Puffiness

Extensive research carried out at the Christian BRETON laboratories demonstrates that the application of cold results in a reduction in the production of the chemical elements that cause inflammation and hence swellings under the eyes. Treatment using cold reduces the sensation of puffiness and results in less intense inflammation.
Furthermore, by inducing such vasoconstriction, the cold counteracts the vasodilatation that gives rise to inflammation.

Wrinkles and fine lines

Skin becomes more delicate and more sensitive with age. It provides a less effective barrier against potentially harmful effects and is subject to tightness, dryness and redness.

Furthermore, certain constituent elements of skin are produced in smaller quantities, particularly collagen, which is responsible for the skin’s elasticity and tone, both characteristics of its youth. Then fine lines appear, followed by wrinkles, and these are particularly evident in the area around the eye, the most delicate part of the face and the most often put under strain. Two highly specific active ingredients, Matrixyl® and Multifruit BSC Complex®, perfected in the Christian BRETON laboratories represents a considerable advance in the treatment of wrinkles.

These active ingredients produce a spectacular reduction in all types of wrinkle, including even the deepest, while at the same time taking into account the delicate nature of mature skins, especially in the area around the eye.

Secure in this knowledge, Christian BRETON developed innovative products specifically suited to your needs:
In contrast to many commercial creams, which work on the area around the eye only because of the active ingredients they contain, Christian BRETON products have a triple effective action stemming from the active ingredients, the cold and the physical pressure used.

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  5. Ellie Davis

    Thank you for pointing out that cold can have an effect on dark circles and swelling. Cryotherapy seems like a great method. Hopefully, anyone needing this kind of therapy looks into finding the best clinic possible.

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