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The benefits of gold

The benefits of gold

Gold, symbol of luxury and wealth, is a powerful element for our health and especially for our skin. Present for centuries in beauty rituals, gold has amazing virtues.


Used in Chinese ancestral medicine, by the Egyptians who used gold dust to illuminate their faces, or by our grandmothers, this incredible gemstone is housed in our cosmetics for the happiness of our skin.

✨ Gold was a must for Cleopatra who slept with a mask of pure gold on her face!


What are the effects of gold?

- Antioxidant: Gold fights free radicals such as pollution, smoking and stress. It is even more effective than hyaluronic acid! It improves collagen production and the skin regenerates faster.

- Cell regenerator: Gold preserves moisture and keeps the collagen of the skin avoiding the decomposition of elastin. Cell renewal is optimized and the skin looks younger.

- Anti-ageing: Gold protects the skin against premature ageing. So, gold-based creams are ideal for smoothing skin features such as wrinkles, expression lines and dark circles.

- Invigorating: Gold restores elasticity of skin tissues and the epidermis regains perfect extensibility.

- Stimulating: Gold acts on the deep layers of the skin and allows the blood vessels to be stimulated. For a better effect, don't hesitate to apply small pressures on your skin while applying your gold cream.

- Restores shine and light: Gold restores your skin's radiance thanks to its nourishing ingredients.

"Gold is an overpowered antioxidant and an unparalleled cellular regenerator," says Frédérique de Paillette. 
Its energizing effect helps to revitalize the skin and its moistening effect nourishes it.



How is it used?

Gold is mainly used in powder form to be better absorbed by the skin and
easily integrated into gels, creams and serums.
The 24 carats powder also makes it possible to beautify the Dermis by blurting out imperfections because the Golden particles attract light and best reflect a healthy skin.

Choose the perfect Gold product for your skin!

It is important to choose the right product for the nature of your skin. A serum will be perfect to fill in wrinkles and fine lines of dehydration, a cream will improve the quality of your skin. For an instant glow, use a gold-based mask.

For double effects, do not hesitate to create a special Golden routine: serum, cream and mask, the perfect combo for a bright and regenerated skin!


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