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6 benefits of gold on our skin

Gold, a symbol of luxury and wealth, is a powerful element for our health and especially for our skin. Present for centuries in beauty rituals, gold has amazing virtues. En lire davantage...

Comment choisir sa crème de jour ?

Les crèmes de jour sont depuis des années des adeptes de nos salles de bain. Mais savons-nous réellement comment les choisir ? En lire davantage...

Peaux grasses, quels sont les bons gestes à adopter ?

Pour permettre de réguler sa peau grasse, voici quelques conseils... En lire davantage...

Everything there is to know about sheet masks !

Sheet masks are the new beauty essential that everyone’s talking about! They’re available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and scents, each with its own benefits. Bursting with active ingredients, these masks feel like a professional beauty treatment. So how can you make the best use of them? En lire davantage...

Make-up: why is it so important to remove make-up?

Make-up removal is an essential step and should be a part of everyone’s beauty regime! En lire davantage...
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