Eyelashes and eyebrows

6 tips for longer, more voluminous eyelashes.
1. Remove your make-up every evening.
2. Don’t use mascara if you don’t have to.
3. Don’t rub your eyes too hard.
4. Use a booster serum to stimulate regrowth.
5. Use a conditioning primer before applying mascara to avoid creating overly thick layers.
6. Apply your conditioning mascara in a zig-zag motion, from the root to the tip.
The results speak for themselves: 84% of women who tested our special lash treatments saw a real improvement in length and volume!

  • Mascara soin eyelash builder - Christian Bretontexture lashes volumize strengthen
    Eyelashes and eyebrows

    Eyelash Builder helps fortify and coat lashes for a sublimated look. Lashes appear longer and fuller.

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    All skin types.

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  • Infinite lashes Crème super hydratante - Christian Bretontexture strenghen lengthen
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    Infinite Lashes Serum improves the natural appearance of your lashes. Its pentapeptide-based formula helps visibly improve lash length and density.

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  • Lash XXXL - Christian Bretontexture lashes lengthen strengthen
    Eyelashes and eyebrows

    Daily use of mascara damages your lashes, making them weak, fragile and easily broken. Lash XXXL, with Panthenol and Tripeptide, lengthens and densifies lashes. For an immediate effect, its formula contains mini-fibers that attach to your lashes for a stunning false-lash look!

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    Intense black.

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