Eye Priority™: #1 eye care.

The skin around the eyes needs different skincare because the skin is 5 to 10 times thinner than on the rest of the face. With this in mind, Christian Breton developed Eye Priority, a targeted product range for all the issues affecting the eye area. By combining the performance of specific active ingredients with cryotherapy, Christian Breton established itself as a specialist and expert brand in skincare for the eye area. With more than 25 products for the eye area and more than 30 years of unparalleled expertise, we’re the undisputed leaders in this field. Each product meets a particular need, from dark circles and puffiness to hydration and wrinkles, and was developed for a unique reason. We don’t develop more products for the sake of it; we create skincare that reflects reality.


The cold has always been used to treat inflammation and it’s widely known that cold temperatures constrict the blood vessels. Cryotherapy is a very effective solution to inflammation, the main cause of most issues with the eye area.  Inspired by this fundamental principle, Christian Breton developed a cold application technique. In addition to the naturally refreshing feel of the ingredients in the products’ formulas, storing the products in the fridge provides an additional cooling effect for even more effective results.  Not an option for you? There’s no need to panic: our products can be used without being kept cold, because they have been formulated to be naturally refreshing.