First of all, it is necessary to define: what do we protect ourselves from and how do we protect ourselves?

An English study revealed that about 10% of the skin on the face is forgotten during the “sun protection” stage. This area happens to be the eye area: the eyelids and the inner corner of the eye. However, this area is wrongly neglected. It turns out that it is one of the most sensitive areas of the face, due to its thinness. Also, about 10% of skin cancers develop around the eyes.

Indeed, environmental factors are the most aggressive around our eyes. Wind, sun, pollution…. They all dry out and damage the area around your eyes. It is therefore important to protect yourself properly!

Protecting your eyes from pollution:

Pollution attacks, irritates and damages your skin. Your eye area is particularly sensitive to it and wrinkles appear quickly!

It is therefore important to cleanse this area thoroughly using a suitable product. This will allow you to eliminate the impurities accumulated during the day. Finding a cleansing product that suits your skin is very important. You must listen to your skin and know its type (oily, combination or dry). An unsuitable product may irritate you or not be effective.

Remember to remove your make-up at the end of the day. Keeping it on for too long could damage the health of your skin.

In summary, to protect your eyes from pollution, you need to :

– Wash your face, not forgetting the eye area, with a product adapted to your skin.

– Remove your make-up carefully and systematically at the end of each day.

Protecting your eyes from the sun:

The sun is a very serious factor in the health of your skin. Its UV rays are responsible for the appearance of signs of ageing, fine lines and spots on the skin. The area around the eyes is particularly sensitive. We advise you to adopt the following good habits:

  • Use sunglasses with good lenses. A good pair of glasses should have lenses that block 100% of UV rays. For comfort, it is also recommended to use lenses with an index of 3 or 4. Beware, dark lenses do not necessarily mean good protection. So make sure you get quality lenses that really filter out UV rays.
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun.
  • Apply a moisturiser and UV protection product every morning to the face and eye area.Even on cloudy days! Whether the weather is good or bad, UV rays penetrate the clouds and can therefore damage your skin. It is therefore essential to apply an anti-UV cream every day to protect your skin. Christian Breton has developed the UV Eye Protection SPF 30. This product is a sunscreen that moisturizes and protects the eye area from UVA/UVB rays.


Soin contour des yeux protection SPF 30 et hydratation - Christian Breton



  • Sweat resistant
  • Anti-pollution
  • Hydrates the skin
  • UV protection
  • Delicious smell of shea butter

Protecting your eyes from… Ourselves!

Everyday gestures that seem harmless have an impact on the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. Repeatedly doing the wrong thing often leads to creasing or irritation of the skin. We advise you to follow these golden rules:

  • Don’t rub your eyes in the morning or during the day. Rubbing your eyes regularly promotes dark circles and wrinkles your skin.
  • Use your skincare products with care, without rubbing the eye area. When removing your make-up or washing your face, use gentle gestures.
  • Use a towel dedicated only to your face. Using a face and body towel increases the transfer of bacteria and fungi to your face. This can lead to lesions, redness and irritation. We therefore advise you to have a towel especially for your face that you change every 2 days.
  • Protect yourself from blue light. If you are often in front of a screen, apply an anti blue light cream.

Here is a selection of eye care products adapted to each problem to complete your beauty routine:

  • Augenschatten und -schwellungen

    Dark Undereye Corrector Serum hilft, das Erscheinungsbild von dunklen Augenringen und dunklen Flecken sichtbar zu reduzieren. Seine Formel spendet Feuchtigkeit und lässt die Augenpartie erstrahlen.

    ✓ Ophthalmologisch getestet
    Alle Hauttypen
    Ref. [wcj_product_sku] · 15ml

  • Soin des yeux anti-fatigue - Christian Breton
    Augenschatten und -schwellungen

    Dieses erfrischende Gel enthält 15 % Rosenwasser und hilft, das Erscheinungsbild von Schwellungen, feinen Linien und Anzeichen von Müdigkeit zu reduzieren. Ideal für alle, die viel Zeit vor Computerbildschirmen verbringen.

    ✓ Ophthalmologisch getestet

    Ref. [wcj_product_sku] · 15ml

  • Eye Illuminator - Christian Breton
    Augenschatten und -schwellungen

    Diese aufhellende Pflege mildert sichtbar Anzeichen von Müdigkeit (dunkle Ringe und Schwellungen) sowie Alterserscheinungen und sorgt für einen sofort strahlenderen und frischeren Blick.

    ✓ Ophthalmologisch getestet

    Ref. [wcj_product_sku] · 15ml

  • Lifting & Tonus

    Diese mit “Schlangengift-Simili-Peptid” formulierte Pflege polstert das Erscheinungsbild der Augenpartie sichtbar auf und bietet eine 360°-Lösung. Die Haut sieht jünger aus und Falten werden aufgepolstert.

    ✓ Ophthalmologisch getestet.

    Ref. [wcj_product_sku] · 15ml

  • Masque yeux prefection hydratation intense réduit l'apparence des rides et ridules - Christian Breton

    Die Perfection Eye Mask ist die perfekte Kombination aus einem patentierten Zuckerderivat und Kaolin. Sie wurde für all diejenigen entwickelt, die eine intensive Pflege suchen. Die großzügige Textur haftet perfekt an der Augenpartie, auch über Nacht.

    Ref. [wcj_product_sku] · 15ml